General details
rare as it may seem fellow TER members, my boyfriend and I enjoy having a playdate of our own from time to time......we started in the kitchen with a drink and some conversation that we took to the living room couch...

Juicy details
then my man started to kiss her on the lips while i watched. that is a total turn on but not as hot as when he took off her top and exposed her awesome breasts. he put his cock in between them and i started to lick and suck. we were all so pumped. then to the bedroom where we had mulitple pops. she is so fine and very real. Laura Lee was an absolute and and ready to go, this was one fantastic threesome! pics need a bit more updating-yet her body is super sweet-
Tits to die for - Laura Lee got right with <<>>
cock sucking/pussy eating/awesome fucking good time-
caring and very responsive...soooooo nice too
looking forward to another party sometime in the near future ;-)

we had such a great time with you too.
maybe next time we can party even more.
with a friendly girl that you know
and make it more of a dinner and whole evening which we can host.

does that sound like fun?? it sounds yummy to us.

D and M